I started photography at the very young age of 6. This interest started at a bowling alley in Southend-On-Sea, my home town, where my late granddad would let me use his camera. Ever since then I have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of photography. At the age of 15 I purchased my first camera and I was self-taught till I moved to London to begin a course in Photography (BAhons) at London South Bank University in 2015.  In 2016 I joined the South Bank collective, A student led photographic agency based out of elephant and castle. I started as a photographer and worked my way up to Project Management where I help to oversee certain jobs including working with the GLA (General London Authority). Through this agency I have worked on commissions sent by external clients such as FASSI where we went out to Italy to create a calendar, this calendar has since turned into an exhibition which is being displayed throughout Italy. In 2017 I received the role of Head of induction and training and I now help to introduce new members into the roles of the collective. Read more about our work at www.southbankcollective.com

Photography has not only let me express my artistic side, but it has helped me explore the world and opened countless doors. in the summer of 2016 I joined P&O’s MV Arcadia working as a photographer on-board. This was one of the best experiences of my life. It allowed me to visit places such as: Iceland, Russia and Norway, which were some of the most picturesque places I have had the pleasure of seeing. Outside of photography I love sports; mainly extreme sports like Snowboarding and BMX.  I often go out over an evening after work to try and get a quick ride in. Exploring cultures and other peoples lives is something that is very closely to my heart. In 2014 I met my partner, Sandrine, who is from Luxembourg. She has definitely been one of my main sources of inspiration, alongside my family who have always been next to me throughout all my key choices.

I am currently based in London and have the ability to cover most of Europe.

My style of photography tends to be quite laid back; I like to allow things to happen naturally. I do of course offer posing advice where needed! I love the idea of making a moment stand still forever, and in the words of Andy Worhol “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do”

If you need any information or even just a chat, Feel free to drop me an email.