Price £1200

This package is the most luxury of all my packages. It includes all of the optional extras (Engraved USB, Photo album, Framed Prints worth £525!). Within this price is also the usage of a second shooter to capture even more magic throughout your special day.

Pre Wedding consultations - Throughout these sessions I will meet up with you to talk over the day and possible locations for us to shoot, Styles of photography as well as finding out how you're doing on getting everything planned!

Shoot Day: On the day itself, If I bring an assistant one of us will go to the grooms location and the other to the brides. Capturing the mayhem and emotions that is getting ready for your day! after this, we will then both head to the venue and capture the ceremony itself. I will then spend at least 30-45 minutes with you both on your own taking portraits of you together on a pre-scouted location. This location can be discussed throughout your wedding consultation. After this, We will then go to your reception where we will capture images of you all together with your family(If you would like this done before, Please let me know!). We will then be at the reception till the first dance. 

After the shoot, I will arrange a day to meet you both to exchange all the relevant information. As this package does include extras It would take slightly longer to complete the order. Estimated time will be three weeks from the day of the wedding to hand over.